Relationships between fat reduction sodium, potassium, and you may calcium supplements, anthropometric spiders, and you may blood pressure levels for the younger and you can middle-aged Korean people


Epidemiological proof of the effects away from weight-loss salt, calcium supplements, and you will potassium, and you will anthropometric indexes into blood pressure level has been inconsistent To investigate the relationship ranging from weight loss things or anthropometric indexes and you may hypertension exposure, we checked out brand new organization away from systolic and you will diastolic blood circulation pressure (SBP and you may DBP) with sodium, calcium supplements, and you can potassium consumption and you will anthropometric spiders during the 19

49-year-olds playing with research out of Korean Federal Health insurance and Nutrition Examination Questionnaire (KNHANES) III. Overall of 2,761 younger and middle-aged people (574 old 19

forty-two years) was basically selected from KNHANES III. General advice, health condition, and anthropometric data were compared anywhere between a couple age range (19

forty two yrs old). New benefit of blood pressure and you can chance issues such as for instance years, intercourse, body mass index (BMI), weight, waist circumference, in addition to intakes from sodium, potassium, and calcium is actually dependent on numerous regression research. Numerous regression activities showed that waist circumference, pounds, and you will Bmi were undoubtedly in the SBP and DBP in a long time. Sodium and potassium intakes were not for the possibly SBP or DBP. Certainly 30

49-year-olds, calcium is actually inversely for the both SBP and you can DBP (P = 0.012 and you may 0.010, respectively). All of our results advise that encouraging calcium use and you can weight control can get enjoy a crucial role in the main avoidance and you will handling of blood circulation pressure during the early adulthood.


Enhanced blood pressure level is a major factor in shots, cardiac arrest, and cardiovascular system inability . Blood pressure levels try an enthusiastic emergent exposure component that explanations over million untimely fatalities annually in the world, and it is getting more prevalent within the developing regions [dos,3]. Whilst frequency price from blood pressure level during the Korean grownups are , over forty-five% of these have been 60 years old and you may old experienced hypertension [4-7]. Recently, the procedure price those types of over-age sixty is actually increased to over 64%. The population below age 44, but not, got a medication rate out-of below 37% in the 2007 . That it therapy rates is approximately 50% lower than the rate from the older group. It is important to examine the connection ranging from exposure points and you will blood pressure levels when it comes to those people who happen to be below forty two years of age to avoid and you will carry out hypertension within their later on life.

Control cost for blood pressure try bad and only 38.3% out of detected cases of blood circulation pressure is actually controlled inside Korea . Healthy lifestyles involving physical exercise, diet plan, weight reduction, and you may moderate alcohol play with are essential for the cures and you can control from blood pressure level . A boost in pounds otherwise Bmi boosted the risk of blood circulation pressure from the step 1.6 to 1.8 moments from inside the Norway . Persons which have good Bmi out-of twenty-four kilogram/meters 2 or more demonstrated a rise in one another systolic blood tension (SBP) and you will diastolic hypertension (DBP) . Healing ways that concentrate on diet plan seem to be promising because metabolic reports and you can epidemiological studies show that numerous nourishment try inversely regarding the hypertension. A previous lookup suggests that enhancing the consumption out-of potassium and you will calcium will get reduce blood circulation pressure, or other nutrition are linked to blood circulation pressure . Salt intake is considered to be a factor that increases blood pressure [12-14], whenever you are calcium supplements consumption can get remove blood pressure level [15-17]. A study even offers revealed that the source of these nutrients (for example dairy foods) is relevant on their affect hypertension . As well, a recent study away from Federal Health and Nutrition Test Questionnaire (NHANES) III analysis together with indicated that sufferers on large quartile of salt consumption was in fact expected to has a top DBP .

Inside the 2007, the newest salt intake from the Korean populace are 5,260.2 milligrams/go out , which is not just dos.five times more than advised intake peak getting sodium to own Koreans , plus surpassing the original chance foundation quantity of step 3,five hundred mg/date that was advised by Geleijnse et al. . Moreover, calcium supplements intake is 552.4 milligrams/go out, which had been lower than the fresh new 800 mg/go out initial risk grounds height recommended by the Geleijnse et al. . Such nutrient intakes, along with anthropometric spiders, may adversely affect blood pressure levels inside Korean people. Yet not, there are few education you to definitely target the relationship anywhere between weight reduction points (sodium, potassium, calcium supplements, etc) otherwise anthropometric variables and you can blood circulation pressure chance inside the analysis on the Korean National Health and Nourishment Examination Questionnaire (KNHANES).

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